From 2013-2014 I co-hosted a weekly Geekosystem Podcast that covered recent developments in geek pop culture, comedy, and STEM. Although the Geekosystem Podcast is no more, we'll always have that one time Glen berated us about bread knives, and every episode is available over on iTunes

Recently, I also appeared on Eric Molinsky's Imaginary Worlds podcast alongside Lindsay Ellis to talk about Age of Ultron, Fury Road, and what it means to be a 'strong female character.'

I've also done voice-over and video work in my time at The Mary Sue! you can find me in this extremely geeky animation by the awesome Leigh Lahav, or check out an interview clip where I speak to the cast of Orange Is the New Black about gender, representation, and the real-life women that inspired their roles. 

Or here, talking about the evolution of "The Final Girl" horror trope: 

Or here, reviewing Her Universe's Captain America: Civil War athletic line!